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Game Development
The Roadmap to Success

Welcome to our game development page. Below you can find some aspects of game design which we assist with in conjunction with examples for further display. 

If interested in this service, please visit the 'Services' page or 'Contact Us' to get in touch with us using the prompts given near the bottom of the pages.

Game Design/Theme

Art By.png

In this stage of game development we will sit down with you as a team to discuss what the general theme of your game is and how you want the overall aesthetic to be throughout, including the UI. As well as this, we will figure out what the main goal of the game is, whether it's to entertain, educate or even make money, we will make it happen. Additionally, discussion will be made on what platforms the game is planned to release on and how this affects the gameplay, as many various changes must be made in order to create a smooth and enjoyable experience on each given device. Through this, we will also discover what your target audience is, and how you as an individual or company can use this to gain further reach as well as interest for your project.

The Mechanics

Welcome to our second stage of game development, this is where we will discuss and breakdown what the key mechanics/elementals are for this game or creative project. We will work very closely with you in order to brainstorm mechanics which feel solid, unique and just right for your desired project. Through this discussing and concepting, we will then further fortify these mechanics based on your needs and feedback in order to create the best possible gameplay loop to peak the interest of your target audience. By doing this, not only are you creating a viable product, but also boosting the gameplay time automatically using our simple yet effective method.

Map/World Design


The third stage of our game development process involves a deep design session to develop the overall world of your game/project. This will ensure that your game's general design and mechanics are backed up by the world around it, as well as to support the narrative which will develop later (if the project needs one). Doing this will allow us to improve upon our already chosen aesthetic and mechanics to bring it all together into one congruent package. As well as this, we will be able to make big design choices which will impact the rest of the project and may even change the direction of it for the better.


In this next step of the game development process we will use the information gathered from developing the map or world of the game/project to concept a narrative. This narrative is crucial as it will play as a driving force for the player or the audience and will be used as a way to keep them interested in what's going on. In order to create the narrative we will sit down with you and brainstorm various ideas and develop a draft of the main story, which will then further be refined using your feedback into the final script for the project to follow. The narrative may be simple or complicated depending on the project, and we'll be there to assist with it all the way through the process from start to finish in order to meet expectations. Using this narrative we will be able to move on to the next step, which is physically creating the world of the project for the player or audience to experience.

Level Design

Welcome to the fifth and final part of our game development process. In this part we will use the designs, concepts, mechanics and narrative we have created to fortify and create level designs. These levels designs will accompany everything we have discussed thus far in the process to ensure the experience is as cohesive and clear as possible for the player. By doing this, levels will feel detailed and fun, supported by the narrative as a driving force for the player to progress. Each and every level will be concepted, blocked out, roughly modelled and then finally polished up to fit the final envisioned product to meet your expectations with given feedback. Additionally, with the levels in place, the project takes the next step into becoming a viable product to entice your target audience. This process will ultimately get your project near completion and gives you enough space to make alterations wherever you feel, until a satisfactory standard is met. If you have made it this far, we congratulate and thank you for developing something special with Voyager Studio!

Voyager Studio
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