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The Backbone of the Process

Welcome to our rigging page. Below you can find some examples of rigs we have created for our characters and props. If you are looking for a reliable rigging service then you've come to the right place. We do skeleton construction, controls, weight painting, expressions, face morphs and much more for any type of character no matter the complexity for games and animation. 

If interested in this service, please visit the 'Services' page or '
Contact Us' to get in touch with us using the prompts given near the bottom of the pages.

Chili Reaper Rig
Rigged By.png
Turnip Warrior Rig
Rigged By.png
Pea Shooter Rig
Rigged By.png
Egg Plant Rig
Rigged By.png
Eskie Rig
Rigged By.png
Pot Rig
Rigged By.png
Voyager Studio
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